Welcome to Cortex Ventures Ltd.

We bring together the best talent with unexploited technology, seed capital and proven implementation skills to develop successful international software businesses.

1. Cortex Ventures creates software companies. The companies are established in the most suitable country and location considering the access to the market and availability of cost efficient resources.

2. Cortex Ventures does not manage funds. We manage companies from the ground up to successful execution during the first critical years of company development.

3. Cortex Ventures does not just consult or advise, we assume responsibility for the development of the portfolio companies.

Cortex Ventures was founded in 2002 and is owned by its employees. Our scope is in creating and managing software technology start-ups. Our goal is to build and manage a portfolio of companies that have the potential for substantial growth in global software product business.

Hands-on management by Cortex Ventures executives is provided for the first 1-3 years of company life-cycle. Cortex Venture partners with private or institutional investors to raise funding for the start-ups.